2009 IPE Champions: Percussion Unlimited, Goteborg And Shooting Stars

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Percussion Unlimited, Göteborg and Shooting Stars are the new champions of Indoor Percussion Europe. Almost 700 percussion fans enjoyed the climax of the second edition of the IPE European Championships in Roeselare – Belgium.

Göteborg were the masters in the European Marching Class. With a a score of 84.9 they blew away the competition. Drumline New Generation ended up in second place (69.9), followed by Majestic from France (66.7) and De Eendracht from The Netherlands (66.3), who all made Finals.

In the International Marching Class three strong units competed: Percussion Unlimited (Netherlands), Unik Star (France) and DrumSpirit (Belgium). Unik Star won the Prelims, but in Finals Percussion Unlimited topped the International Marching Class (86.5). Unik Star took silver (84.1), and DrumSpirit ended in third place (82.8).

Shooting Stars from Belgium were the only unit in the Concert Class, they scored 54.3.

IPE Championships Results:

Concert Class : Finals
1 – 54.30 Shooting Stars (Fra)

European Marching Percussion Class: Prelims
1 – 83.1 Goteborg (Swe)
2 – 68.5 Drumline New Generation (B)
3 – 66.5 Majestic (Fra)
4 – 66.0 De Eendracht (Ned)
5 – 57.9 New Spirit (Fra)
6 – 54.0 Le Symphonic (Fra)

International Marching Percussion Class: Prelims
1 – 84.7 Unik Star (Fra)
2 – 83.4 Percussion Unlimited (Ned)
3 – 80.8 DrumSpirit (B)

European Marching Percussion Class: Finals
1 – 84.9 Goteborg (Swe)
2 – 69.9 Drumline New Generation (B)
3 – 66.7 Majestic (Fra)
4 – 66.3 De Eendracht (Ned)

International Marching Percussion Class: Finals
1 – 86.5 Percussion Unlimited (Ned)
2 – 84.1 Unik Star (Fra)
3 – 82.8 DrumSpirit (B)

The audience loved the performances, including WGI’s World Class Drumline NorthCoast Academy, of 10 competing units and the Visual Clinic by Martin Hotte.

IPE would like to thank:

All competing units
All volunteers
DrumSpirit for hosting NCA
Our special guests: NorthCoast Academy
Our Sponsors: Dynasty, InCorps, Muremo and Corps & Band
Our DCE Judges
Hans Kloppert
The Audience for making this percussion event possible.

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