2009 Revolution March Camp Report

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Great weather, Great sounds, and Great spinning! Just those few lines really summed up the 5th DBC camp of the season. Just 2 camps remain before we hit the summer 2009 season and can close the book on year 10 in Revolution’s history.

The camp was nothing short of spectacular as all sections are truly hitting a stride. The Hornline is confidently playing though 90% of their book and the drumline is truly on a mission. The corps numbers are doubled what they were last year at this time and we keep gaining new members to make this season the largest corps in our history. Uniform fittings took place and you could sense the excitement as the corps rocked the house during thier Sunday showcase. RIW’s performance on Sunday was a real treat and we wish them well in their journey to Dayton, OH this week for the WGI World Championships.

We look forward to our next camp in three weeks at Akins High School in south Austin as the summer guard is set to rejoin us for their final auditions! Since we are trying to field our largest hornline, section spots are still available so come and join – try a camp we are sure you will get hooked!

As always – "tis a gift"

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