Halifax BBGB Band Marches 26 Miles For Charity

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On Easter Sunday Night 2009, six members of Halifax BBGB set out on the Long March – 26.2 mile walk through the night to raise money for Christian Aid.

The six member met at the YMCA in Halifax and at mid night set out around Halifax. The rough took them to Sowerby Bridge, Elland, Hipperholme, Low Moor, Shelf and Northowram before heading back down in to Halifax.

The Long March has been around for many years as has Halifax BBGB Band and our members have always supported it by not only walking it, but by helping out with the logistics.

The six members that walked it were…

Robert Batty,

Matthew Normington,

Ben Fawkes,

Sarah Kershaw,

Jade Oakley,

Rachel Kershaw,

Four of the six finished the full 26.2, one pulled out at the 20 mile mark and another at the 22.6 mark.

One of the ‘mad bunch’ decided that as it was his tenth year of doing the long march he’d try running it.

Robert Batty made it back to the YMCA after running / hobbling the 26 miles at 5:20 in the morning. ‘It’s something I’ve done for as long as I’ve done Banding and in a strange way it’s something I love as much as banding’.

The Band are having a busy month. At the end of April they are to go to Glasgow, but that’s another story…

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