Yamato Uniform Campaign

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Yamato is in the process of creating a new uniform design that will take the corps into it’s second decade of entertaining audiences all around the US. The new design will feature the original colors of the corps when it was first established in 1997. "We have managed to use the original uniforms produced in 1997 until now," said corps director, Edward Martin. "Its definitely time for a change."

Designed by DCI Hall of Fame Member, Michael Cesario, the uniform will feature the three basic colors Yamato has used since taking the field in 1997; white, black and red. The Japanese motif incorporates a "kimono" color as well as the "rising sun" in black over white. "Its a stunning new look for Yamato! We are very excited about the possibility of having our student peformers appear in their new uniform!"

Support Yamato’s Uniform Campaign! We are looking for your support to help sponsor a uniform for each brass and percussion member of the corps. Our goal is to raise $24,000.00 this season to assist with the purchase of these uniforms. For your tax-deductible donation of $200.00 per uniform, your personal name or business name will be sewn into the uniform. If you would like to sponsor a uniform for a particular member of the corps, you will receive a photo plaque with the member in full uniform suitable for display.

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