BYBA National Championships – A Celebration Of 35 Years

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Further to the announcement made on 1 May, 2009, which was prepared in April with the information available at that time, the Performance Portfolio have now debated further the qualification for the 2009 National Championships. This has taken into account a mix of views from across the Association during the 2008 Rules Congress and since that time, a number of additional registrations, and a wider assessment of the current economic climate. The results of which conclude that all qualifying units will be invited to the 2009 National Championships on the proviso each unit meets the minimum qualification of 3 contests, and that their commitment to BYBA contests already entered does not change during the season. This is seen as a way of celebrating with all qualifying units as we mark our‘35th Anniversary’ – as a one-off event.

Soon after the Championships, all Bandmaster & Corps Directors will be invited to the 2009 Rules Congress where a thorough debate will take place, and we would encourage all member units (whether competing or not) to participate in the future direction of BYBA’s National Championships – exciting times, ahead.

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