Music City Legend Announces 2009 Program

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Music City Legend, the Mid-south’s only competitive, all-age drum and bugle corps, is pleased to announce its music repertoire for the 2009 competitive season. The corps has built a national reputation in its short, five-year existence of producing a quality fan and family-friendly program based upon story-telling and character development through the marching medium.

This year, MCL will continue that tradition with a program entitled A Soldier’s Chronicle, as told through the music of The Stan Kenton Orchestra and additional original music written by Program Director, Brass Arranger, and contrabass soloist Joe Murphy. Music City Legend’s 2009 storyline is based upon the experiences of a young man, called into service by his country at the onset of World War II, his maturation through the horrors of war overseas, and, after victory, his return home to his sweetheart, his family, and his community.

The story begins at a time when America and the world are still reeling from the woes of the Great Depression. With storm clouds gathering in Europe and in the Pacific, the Big Bands of the era provide entertainment as young men leave school, seek employment and the company of young women, and listen to their radios for news, fireside chats, and music such as Kenton’s Artistry in Rhythm. American isolationism ends as enemy forces threaten our allies in Europe and news of a “dastardly attack” crackles across the airwaves on an otherwise quiet December Sunday. Our hero enlists in the Armed Forces at the outbreak of War, an original composition by Joe Murphy, and is separated from his girl and all he loves by an uncertain future triggered by that “Day of Infamy”. Along with the members of his new battalion, he is determined to defend his county and our way of life.

Allied Forces ultimately prevail after years of battle on land, at sea, and in the air, and the victory celebration begins to the music of The Peanut Vendor. But as the party winds down, our character is reminded of home, his family, and especially his girl, who faithfully awaits his return. During Send In the Clowns, the soldier who has well-served his country is now discharged, shipped home, and finally reunited with all those things for which he so honorably and courageously fought.

Now, as a member of what was later called “America’s Greatest Generation”, he returns to Intermission Riff, a hero’s welcome – a party in celebration of our soldier’s survival of the horrors of war and the character of all Americans who serve our Nation.

Music City Legend enters its 6th season of field competition in 2009 following two consecutive 11th place finishes at the DCA World Championship in Rochester, New York. The corps continues to prepare for the 2009 DCA competitive season with rehearsals held at La Vergne High School in La Vergne, Tennessee, east of Nashville. More information on the corps can be found online at or call 615-691-1918.

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