New Corps Born In Richardson, Texas

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Vigilantes Drum and Bugle Corps is an all age unit that will perform and compete in DCI-All Age and Drum Corps Associates (DCA) circuits. The corps is equipped with brand new Dynasty Percussion and enough G Bugles to man a 60 member horn line. The corps will travel this summer within the state of Texas as well as Minnesota and Rochester, NY to compete and entertain drum corps fans. The corps will bring its fan friendly program entitled “Pastime” to the field this summer with its baseball themed show.

The name is a reflection upon the heritage of Texas justice in the old west. In rural and undeveloped areas military had no jurisdiction over civilians and there was simply no law available because the town was not organized enough to collect taxes for salaries for lawmen. Crime ran rampant, and citizens finally saw something had to be done.

As happened in so many lawless boom towns of the West, the only answer seemed to be a citizen’s committee to take control. No matter the title, all were eventually called vigilantes. In Fort Griffin, the violence grew to the extent a vigilante group called the OLM, or Old Law Mob, was formed. The group’s members met, made up a list of the undesirables, posted it in saloons, told those on the list to leave town or suffer the consequences. After a short waiting period those listed and still in town were simply captured, shot to death or hung from the nearest tree with the letters "OLM" printed on the bodies for all to see. As expected, crime rates dropped drastically and calm reigned.
Today, only foundations and ruins remain of once-rowdy metropolises, home to the unlawful elements of the Texas frontier.

The corps will unveil a new logo shortly, but has selected corps colors of Black, Red, and White. The corps will appear this summer in brand new uniforms from Stanbury.

The Vigilantes Drum and Bugle Corps will perform at the Wildflower! Festival at the Eisemann Center for Performing Arts in Richardson on Saturday, May 16. The group will perform in the Countrywide Hall as well as in the outdoor pavilion. In addition, the Vigilantes will host a "petting zoo" where kids of all ages will be allowed to see and touch the instruments.

The corps is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization doing business in the state of Texas. The corps has developed a partnership with Centerplate concessions to work events at Pizza Hut Park in Frisco, TX. This arrangement allows the corps to man concession booths at local MSL soccer games and headliner concert events. The corps recently handled a successful alternative rock festival that netted the corps thousands of dollars in needed funds. With this resource for fundraising, the organization is looking to grow and succeed in the north Texas area.

The new website will be available shortly at the address

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