Two WGI Regionals In The Netherlands In 2010

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Color Guard Nederland (CGN) will host two official WGI Regionals in 2010. The Color Guard Regional will be held on February 27 in Drachten, the Percussion Regional on March 6 in Goes.

Although CGN has announced the details and WGI has published them online as provisional, the WGI board will still have to approve the Regionals.

CGN has struggled to find the right dates and location. Many halls prefer sports of pageantry and some even had double bookings. This is also the reason why the 2010 CGN calendar is not final yet.

The choice for the dates was mainly based on availability of decent venues. CGN realizes that the city of Drachten is a somewhat longer drive for several foreign units. The choice for Drachten was made based on several factors. First of all the location aimed for in the centre of The Netherlands was not available. Very important in the decision was the grant CGN received from the city council. In these economic times this meant the difference between having a Regional or not.

Last but not least, housing and training facilities are many times cheaper in the North of the country. Units attending will earn the extra travel expenses back when booking facilities. CGN will ofcourse assist in this. Hostel rooms including breakfast will be available for as low as 15 euro’s. Contact CGN at info [at] colorguard [dot] org now to start planning and use CGN’s fantastic offers.

For Percussion Goes was an obvious choice after the succes of last years edition. By splitting the events (instead of combining them), we can really focus on the needs of both great activities.

CGN hopes to offer you two great European parties once again.

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