2009 DCA Mini Corps Championship

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The Mini Corps competition on Friday night of Championship Weekend has proven to be one of our most popular events. In 2007, we had 19 mini corps and although we fell back to 12 in 2008, the quality and popularity continued to skyrocket. We were advised by the Riverside Convention Center people that the Mini Corps Championship drew over 2500 fans to the grand ballroom.

This year, entries and discussion about the Friday night event are brisk – to say the least. We know that for September 4th of this year, we are already beyond last years twelve and have inquiries about many more. Mini Corps Chairman, Dick Pronti, advises that handling the 19 mini corps was difficult but manageable, but that any number beyond that would be near impossible to fit in. It appears at this time that we may very well exceed that 19 entrant level. To keep the show viable, it has been decided to limit entries to a maximum of 20 Mini Corps and that will require an earlier starting time and some overlap with the I&E competition. 

Entries will be accepted by postmark and the first 20 will constitute this year’s competition. If your group is considering competing in the Mini Corps Competition, we STRONGLY suggest you get your paperwork and entry fee in NOW. Applications are available by going to http://www.dcacorps.org and selecting schedule. Scroll down to the I&E/Mini Corps contest and you will find a link to all necessary rules and applications. See you all in Rochester for the 2009 DCA Championship.

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