Bert Schoutteten Is InCorps Clinic Winner

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The InCorps Percussion Clinicians are going to Dadizele! (B) Bert Schoutteten is the lucky winner who won the Clinic Competition. He wins three percussion clinicians who will organise a free and exclusive clinic for his Percussion Ensemble DrumSpirit.

The clinic competition of InCorps has attracted huge interest from all over the world! 314 e-mails from 8 countries have entered the clinic competition. Members of 28 units responded by mail to win an exclusive percussion clinic with three top percussion clinicians for a full day – free of charge. "If you look at number of e-mails we received we are very happy with the result. Says Maurice Groen of InCorps. We have a very strong group of clinicians who are all specialists in their own field and are eager to visit any corps! So be prepared for new competitions in the future!".

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