Gives Cadets Personal Weather Watch

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Johnstown’s erratic weather can play havoc on the Cadets Spring Training schedule. But a little help from a budding meteorologist has allowed corps administrators to better plan daily rehearsals with the help of the Marching Weather channel, a Web site that provides forecasts and analysis for the Western Pennsylvania town, and everywhere the Cadets will travel this summer.

Developed as an internship project by first time volunteer Joe J. Moore, launched May 15th when the Cadets moved in for Spring Training. Moore is a sophomore meteorology student at Millersville University in Millersville, Pa., who pitched the project to Cadets Director George Hopkins as a way to gain practical experience in forecasting. During Spring Training, Moore has done the job from his home in Horsham, Pa., but he will join the Cadets as a volunteer in Chambersburg, Pa., on June 19th, then tour with the corps the entire summer.

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