Memphis Sound Announces New Name For 2010

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Memphis Sound has been holding all camps and summer rehearsals in Texas in preparation for the corps official move to Texas at the end of the summer. In order to maximize presence in the area, it was decided to rename the corps to reflect the new home. A contest and fundraiser was launched to help alumni, fans and supporters to select the name. Over 30 names were submitted and ranged from variations on the Sound name and Memphis/Dallas connection to brand new directions. At the conclusion of the contest, the MYPAA Board of Directors met and discussed all the submitted names, and focused on the top 5 vote getters.

When it was decided to relocate the corps from the Memphis area, the challenge was to support the history and alumni of the corps, celebrate the accomplishments, and still provide a solid organization that will allow the corps to thrive for many years to come with a new name , image and locale. The Board deliberated on which name would best fit the new direction for the corps and still celebrate who we are.

FORTE was selected as the new name of the corps because it is the musical ‘sound’ for Loud. The corps has also adopted a slogan for this summer’s transition…. ‘We’re Turning UP the Sound’.

Fans this summer will be able to stop by the souvenir booth and pick up the newest Mempho Gear along with new items with the new image and branding of Forte. You can also get a sneak peek of the 2010 Uniforms designed by Brent Becker of Stanbury!

For more information about the 2010 edition of FORTE DRUM & BUGLE CORPS or the 2009 Season of MEMPHIS SOUND DRUM & BUGLE CORPS; please visit, write us at info [at] fortecorps [dot] org, or leave a voicemail for the corps – (901) 405-9476

A new website is coming in August! So keep your eyes peeled on the weblink above and join our newsletter (CorpsTimes) for the latest information on the corps (link is at the bottom of

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