New Paint & Graphics For Cascades Trucks

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The Cascades have newly painted and added graphics to their equipment and kitchen semi-trailers. The bold three-color paint and new Cascades graphics will be easily recognized while on the 12,000 mile World Class tour. The unveiling of the “new” equipment truck to the Cascades members was at the June 5-7h weekend camp, and the kitchen a week later at All-Days camp. Ron Comfort, Cascades’ Show Coordinator, said “It’s amazing what a boast the truck paint jobs did for the kids. While at camp spirits started high, seeing improvements in our equipment seemed to immediately boast everyone’s confidence.”

Out with the old…

…and in with the new.

“This is just one of many steps underway in improving our foundation,” said Sal Leone. “In addition to the new paint for the equipment and kitchen semi’s, we are installing a new higher powered refrigeration system in the kitchen trailer. Readying for tour the kitchen has also been completely scrubbed down and cleaned, thanks a group of parents mostly from Spokane Thunder.

Painting of the semi-trailers was the result of a special fundraiser that culminated at the Cascades’ annual benefit Dinner & Auction held on Memorial Day weekend in Yakima, WA. Alumni and Supporters contributed funds to give the trailers a well deserved face lift after nearly 20 years of service.

After several years of wear and deferred replacement of equipment, the Cascades are on a path of rebuilding its infrastructure. This year, the vehicles are the focus, right down to the pit-trailer gator, which on the last tour conked out at more than one show and had to be towed or pushed off the field. Next year, the focus is on acquiring new instruments. The schedule for new uniforms is planned for two years out, but the replacement may now be accelerated to 2010, depending on progress of plans for creating a new B corps in Seattle.

“We have been rebuilding our organization, starting on the inside and working out,” says Sal. “We cannot assess our success based on any one year’s performance of the corps, but more so on the strength of our foundation and the progress towards our long-term objectives. Our 2009 tour will be a solid step in the right direction. Looking to plans for 2010 and beyond is particularly exciting.”

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