Sun Devils Take The Show Beyond The Stadium

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The Sun Devils are pleased to announce a new series of video productions called Xebisodes (pronounced "Zebisodes") which will expand on the story presented by our 2009 2552 field show, "X – Drum Corps Evolved". Inspired by the expanded universe concept viewers may be familiar with from hit TV shows, movies and video games such as Lost, Star Wars and the Halo series, the Xebisodes will provide Sun Devils fans with greater insight into the setting, characters and events portrayed on the field as the show unfolds. A collaborative effort between the members, staff and web team, the Xebisodes will be produced entirely in house and will be posted to the Sun Devils website at regular intervals throughout the season. Unlike a traditional podcast or update video, the Xebisodes will be independent stories taking place in the fictional future world that is the setting for the field show.

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