Memphis Sound Needs Your Help

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Upon leaving the Dallas-Fort Worth area and arriving in Memphis, TN for the start of the 2009 DCI Tour, we noticed a problem with the tires of the Food Box Truck. The truck was on the verge of blow-out for one tire, and the other three were replaced as well as a precaution because of their condition. Once the truck was finally back on the road with their new tires, it started to overheat. The drivers pulled into a shop to get it checked out only to find out that the radiator had some damage, but they could not see what it was at that shop (they were not set up for such). We took the truck to another shop and was told this morning that the head gasket is blown and the motor is in dire shape. The cost to repair the truck is now more than the truck is worth, and even if it is repaired, it will be down for 2 weeks at a minimum. Since we use the truck for storage of food both perishable and non, this means we are shifting to contingency plans while we are looking for another truck. (Refrigerator and Deep Freezer run off the motor of the truck or are plugged into the wall at each housing site, causing some customization for standard box trucks to be able to work)

The corps is still eating well thanks to volunteers and some empty bus bays to store food, but we are working hard to get a replacement situation on track.

The biggest issue currently is freezer/refrigerator items which we are carrying in ice chests with dry ice currently.

How you can help:

* Sponsor a Meal for the Corps –

* Volunteer to Prepare a meal for the corps when we are close to you

* Make a Donation of Canned Food/Pasta/Non-perishable product

* Make a Donation on through the Paypal Widget or send a check to Food Truck Fund c/o MYPAA; 1779 Kirby Parkway, Suite # 1-93 Memphis, Tennessee 38138

* Volunteer to be a runner for the corps. Since we do not have our normal storage capacity, we will be increasing runs to Wal-Mart/Grocery Stores and can use the help of local folks while on tour to achieve these runs.

* Donations of Grocery Store and Gas Gift Cards. These are always welcome items around Drum Corps, but especially now, it can ease the additional burden the corps is having to bear.

We want to thank the volunteers and supporters who have already stepped up and help us in this situation. We are eternally grateful. Every little bit helps, so if you are able, please consider a donation of your time, money, or food.

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