SDCA July 18th Show Report

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The SDCA’s Arena drum corps circuit had a great show with a crowd that filled the stands. Performing were the Northernaires, the Strikers, the Classic Cavaliers, the Southshore drill team, the Lakeshoremen and the Royal Airs.

This was SDCA’s third show; this one a “Variety Show” With drum corps, drum line and color guard.

2 ½ hours of great entertainment, the stands were full and the mood was electric as this was the show that brought back drum corps to McHenry in decades. The Mayor, Sue Low, and the chamber of commerce president, Kay Bates, were very enthusiastic and accommodating opening up the city to the corps.

The Northernaires were on first and always have an exciting show while performing a full arena show. Their arena coverage was well designed and executed. The Striker drum line was the real surprise. Their drumming an antics pleased the crowd to the point that they walked away with the people’s choose gold medal award for the evening. They didn’t stop at their performance either. At the massed finale they formed up like bowling pins and their leader pretended to throw a bowling ball and all the guys fell like pins.

Funny stuff. The Classic Cavaliers were on third and played some dynamite classic Cavie’s music in standstill. A real crowd pleaser. The Southshore Drill team performed for 30 minutes using numerous themes to prerecorded 60-70’s classic standards. The team had five or six perform at a time in different costumes and making quick costume changes behind the stands. Throwing rifles 20 + feet in the air while tumbling underneath to catch it in a dramatic style. Their finale number was patriotic and brought their entire 40 performer out in a spectacular waving and dance routine. The crowd stood numerous times.

Next was the Lakeshoremen in standstill. Their horn line was a heavy bottom sound that was very unique and pleasing. The music was well put together. Finally the Royal airs performed a full arena show covering the arena well playing some old familiar songs they played in the 60”s. They had a fake ending and began to walk off of the Arena when a trio began playing Alexander’s rag time joined in by the remaining corps as they quickly formed a tight VEE the pushed toward the stands with the American flag raised tall in the front. The crowd jumped to their feet. Very dynamic ending!

The people choice for the night gave the silver medal to the Southshore Drill Team and the gold to the Striker’s. Although neither of these were drum corps they sold their show to the crowd and this is what it should be all about. The massed finale of Climb Every Mountain gave me chills and I saw more that one wipe an eye.

SDCA wants to thank all the corps, their directors, SDCA volunteers and drum corps fans that assisted in building this arena drum corps circuit this year. This is a great start for a first year and SDCA will continue to massage every aspect of this organization and vows to never stop growing in order to provide opportunity for performance while entertaining the drum corps fan.

On October 17 2009 SDCA will have its second birthday and on that day we will have our annual Scheduling and information meeting. It will be held at the Airport Super 8 Hotel in Milwaukee WI at 10:30 AM. All corps managers are invited. Space is limited so please notify us if you would like to attend.

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