Two Regional Organizations Agree To Merge To Strengthen Youth Drum Corps

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In an effort to strengthen regional musical opportunities available to area youth, two regional drum corps organizations serving this region announced today they have agreed to merge their drum corps and winter guard related activities. The Northwest Youth Music Association (NYMA), serving youth musicians from across the Northwest United States, and the Greater Spokane Drum Corps Association (GSDCA), based in Spokane with members from throughout Eastern Washington and Idaho, entered into a preliminary agreement to merge their operational efforts related to all Drum Corps and Winter Guard activities.

The agreement is part of an overall strategy to increase participation in drum corps activities by leveraging available resources. In addition, the agreement will foster an environment of cooperation between the regional corps in a synergistic operational model which is also expected to encourage awareness of and participation in Northwest drum corps activities.

“Our focus remains doing all we can to ensure the youth involved in our programs get the best-possible opportunities to showcase their talents by competing in regional and national events,” said Mike Bujnowski, NYMA Board Chairman. “Because of this agreement, and the related cost-savings that will come from it, we can affirm that the Cascades and Spokane-based Thunder drum corps will compete in 2010. In addition we anticipate that the structural model currently being implemented by the Thunder organization will allow us to promote youth corps activities throughout the Northwest.”

This year, the Cascades returned to DCI World Class Drum Corps competition after a one year hiatus through a cooperative effort with the Spokane based Thunder organization. This cooperative effort is already paying dividends for both organizations and has culminated in the agreement announced today.

The respective board of directors for the organizations will together elect one governing board to provide leadership for the combined organization. Additionally, the agreement includes a provision for establishment of a new open class corps to serve youth from Vancouver to Bellingham, Washington.

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