2009 DCA Yearbook Now Available In DCP Store

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Not only did the DCA Corps raise the quality bar on the field at the 2009 DCA World Championship, DCA raised the quality level of the 2009 Yearbook. This 60 page, full color product was compiled by DCA Director of Photography, Don Paluh and features some of the finest graphics and photography in the history of drum corps. The vitality of the performers jumps out from every page. Exquisite design and attention to detail make this year’s Yearbook a must have for any drum corps fan.

DCA President Gil Silva is delighted to announce that DCA will again partner with Drum Corps World and its publisher, Steve Vickers as well as Drum Corps Planet and its managing partner, John Donovan, to offer this great souvenir of the 2009 drum corps season to our fans and performers. This magnificent full color Yearbook can be yours for just $5.00 plus $3.00 Shipping and Handling. Please check out the pages of Drum Corps World or www.drumcorpsworld.com or visit the Drum Corps Planet Store at www.drumcorpsplanet.com and order yours today. Relive the excitement that was DCA 2009.

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