Change Is Coming

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Thank you all for a wonderful season! It really was a great year. We came a very long way in a few short months and have developed a strong base to move forward into 2010. As noted by Chad Faison, baritone section leader and designer of the graphic shown here, "change is coming". Meaning bigger and better things for the corps!

Special thanks to Mr. Greg Teems for all his years with an open door for the corps. Greg is "retiring from drum corps" but has still left his door open for us to visit. We will miss our home in Rockmart. Thanks to all the members, staff and volunteers that worked on nearly a daily basis to make the corps happen. Special thanks to the families of all that allow them to devote so much of their lives to this group week in and week out. And thanks to so many of our alumni for your unquestionable support. This corps can only grow bigger and better with everyone"s motivation, hard work and support; from the brand new silver star earners to the alums that only watch from afar.

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