Jubal Announces 2010 Program

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In the 99th season of Jubal Drum & Bugle Corps from Dordrecht, the DCN and DCE champions counts down to their centenary in 2011. The last chapter of the first century of Jubal will therefore be called ‘Clockwork Orange’. The new programme is all about the effects of time and of clocks in particular.

Rotating radars, hour hands, ticking: the mechanics and development of the clockwork is the theme of the new Jubal programme. From the sundial many centuries ago, to the complex mechanical and digital clocks of today. The movement of clockwork (one thing sets the other in motion) is a recurring visual element in the show. The title of the show refers to the book by the British author Anthony Burgess, which was later made into a film. The contents of the book do not play any part in Jubal’s show.

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