2010 Forte Dallas Auditions

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After successful auditions across the country, it’s time to bring Dallas into the mix. Dallas auditions for Forte will be held Saturday Nov 28th from 10am-10pm (Registration begins at 9am) at the Grand Prairie Senior Center

(Auditions are for the full time listed, not by appointment)

Nov 28th – Grand Prairie Senior Center (Please RSVP HERE)

925 Conover
Grand Prairie, TX 75051
9:00am Registration
10am-10pm $100
(If you attended a satelite audition. you only need to pay $25 at Dallas; If you audition via videotape prior to Dallas, you only need to pay $50 in Dallas)

8am – Management Team Arrives
8:30am Management Team Meeting
9am – Staff Arrive/Registration begins
10am – Opening Corps Meeting/Registration Complete
10:30am – Full Corps Stretch
11am – Sectionals

11:00-12:00 Parent Meeting (All Parents and Families are invited to meet with Management Team Members to get questions answered and gain more information about the corps)

1pm – Lunch (provided by Corps)
2pm – Visual
2pm-4pm OYAA Board of Directors meeting
4pm – Sectionals
6pm – Dinner (provided by Corps)
7pm – Sectionals
8:30pm – Ensemble (Parents and Families are invited to attend and watch)
9:15pm – Clean-up
9:45pm – Closing meeting (Parents and Families are invited to attend)
10pm – Dismissed

Students should bring their own instrument or equipment if possible. While we will have equipment available, due to the number of auditionees, bringing your own equipment ensures you maximum ensemble audition time.

Audition requirements for all sections can be found: http://www.fortecorps.org/auditions.htm

All Audition Sites are treated equally in regards to being offered a position with Forte in 2010.

Some quick points:

* Dallas and Houston are the primary audition sites, but students auditioning in Virginia, Georgia, South Dakota, and Ohio will all have equal chances to earn a spot
* All Students who audition in Texas, South Dakota, or Georgia (possibly depending on recruit’s location) will need to make plans to attend all Texas Camps from Jan – May)
* All Students who audition in Virginia, Ohio and Georgia (possibly depending on recruit’s location) will have the chance to attend more localized rehearsals for Jan, Feb, April and May. Auditionees from these locations will need to plan to attend the March Camp in Texas (Brass and Percussion) or April (Colorguard) depending on your section.
* All Students from all locations will be required to move-in to DFW area starting in Mid-early June for Everydays
* Ratings will be given out at all audition locations
* Contracts will be offered starting at the January Camp. This includes the local rehearsals in VA and OH (details coming soon)

Visit Fortecorps.org for more instructional videos and downloads for all sections (including Drum Major and a special consideration for non-drum corps instrumentalists). RSVP for the Audition: RSVP HERE)

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