Introducing “DCI Direct”

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One of my goals for the Drum Corps Planet site, since my first discussions with George Dixon regarding its purchase, was to help facilitate the communication between the DCP community and the ‘powers that be’ within the drum corps activity. In some ways we’ve been successful… and in others, have fallen short. We’ve had ongoing dialog with people within both DCI and DCA…. and you’ve seen some of the fruits of those discussions in these pages. Sadly, we feel that it has not been nearly enough… but it has not been because of lack of interest.

I’ve had an ongoing dialog with Bob Jacobs – DCI’s Director of Marketing, a DCI World Class corps director, and a contributor in our forums – on ways we could collaborate to expand the pipeline of information flowing to DCP members… a group of people who are among the most passionate supporters of the drum corps activity at virtually every level. Bob has always expressed an interest and willingness to help facilitate a greater level of communication between our audience and ‘DCI Headquarters’…. but the demands of business, responsibilities to our respective organizations, and life in-general have prevented us from bringing what we have envisioned to fruition. I’m happy to tell you that we’re re-dedicating ourselves to making this idea a reality.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be introducing a new feature column called “DCI Direct.” It will be written mostly by Bob, but will also call on other subject-matter experts and resources within the DCI organization – with the hope of giving the DCP audience a closer look inside the operations of DCI… a ‘backstage access pass,’ if you will. We’ll do our best to answer some of the questions our readers have about the activity in general and DCI specifically… in plain-speak, provided by those that have the facts. We want to give you a pipeline directly to DCI to voice your opinion… and give them an opportunity to provide an authoritative answer, directly to our audience.

This will be a work-in-progress and we’ll make tweaks to the formula along the way… but know that we are committed to opening this channel and providing the platform for dialog on the issues that confront DCI and the activity at large. We’ll invite your participation and will do our best to cover the major subjects that are on the minds of our community. Just to get things going, we expect Bob’s first column will speak to the issue of the steps being taken to improve the acoustics and the listening experience inside Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis, the home of the Drum Corps International World Championships.

We’re very excited about getting this online… and are hoping that you’ll participate in the dialog and the ensuing exchange.

Thank you for your continued participation and support.


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