Jersey Surf Mourns Passing Of Former Member Sean Neill

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It is with great and profound sadness that we report that Sean Neill, a member of the percussion section of the Jersey Surf during the 1998, 1999 and 2000 seasons, passed away suddenly at his home in Hollywood, FL on Sunday, November 15. He was 26 years old.

"Sean was a passionate, committed and fun-loving member of the corps for several seasons, and he and his family have continued to support the organization even after Sean’s days as a marching member," said Jersey Surf Executive Director Bob Jacobs. "Sean made it a point to attend our home show each summer and was sure to ‘check in’ from time to time to see how the corps was doing… how the new season was shaping up. It wouldn’t be unusual to see him standing in front of the drum line in a parking lot at the West Chester show, in the park at Allentown or in a lot at the Meadowlands, with his baseball cap on backwards, smiling and nodding his head to the rhythm of the warm-ups taking place in front of him. Sean knew that even years after he stopped marching in our corps, there was still a piece of him in that percussion section, and he seemed to take great pride in knowing that he had helped to play a part in its legacy. We were all shocked and deeply saddened to hear of his passing, and we will remember him for many years to come, as a highly-motivated contributor to the success of the Jersey Surf organization."

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