The Company Announces 2010 Program

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Our 2010 production is entitled “Expect the Unexpected” and will feature a musical package designed specifically for THE COMPANY which will showcase the talent of all the members. We are extremely excited about the possibilities open to us with such an intriguing show concept and we hope to entertain both the audience and adjudicators alike throughout 2010 Summer Season.

Join us as we present a show full of pace and passion with some unusual twists and turns. We advise you to sit back and let the production run past your eyes and into your ears. Expect the Unexpected and see where it takes you.

THE COMPANY will compete on the DCE (Drum Corps Europe), DCUK (Drum Corps United Kingdom) and BYBA (British Youth Band Association) circuits and would like to wish all competing units the very best of luck for 2010.

For further information on THE COMPANY please visit our website at

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