2010 Cadets Audition Camp Bus Ride Deadline Extended

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The opportunity to catch an inexpensive ride to Cadets Audition Camp on Dec. 18-20th has been extended until midnight Dec.13th as the corps continues to fill charter bus seats along four tracks that will travel from points West, South and North. As part of that deadline extension, the Cadets will also send a free 75th Anniversary History Book to new, paid registrants between Dec. 8th and 13th. 75th anniversary book

“We can’t think of a more perfect introduction to the Cadets for potential members than the gorgeous 75th Anniversary History Book,” said Assistant Director Justin Heimbecker. “There’s more! If registrants sign up by the end of the day on Thursday, Dec. 10th, they’ll be entered to win a DCI 2009 Championship DVD set.”

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