Chris Alexander, SCV 2010 Visual Caption Head

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Chris Alexander comes to the Santa Clara Vanguard from school, work, and teaching in the Chicago area, and in the words of a member auditioning last weekend, “has had a successful beginning with SCV.” Chris has an academic background in music composition and physics/applied math. He marched many years in the brass section with The Cavaliers, inspired to join by a band director from his high school in Texas who was a Cavalier alum.

Chris has enjoyed teaching band and conducting, but has never lost his interest in solving technical problems. While on a bus ride to a band competition, Chris had an “ah ha” moment where he conceived of a method to improve the combustion process in automobile engines and thereby improve gas mileage. Chris has already produced a proof of concept (in his parents garage!) and applied for a patent for his invention. Now he has started up a venture to continue the research and development of the process, working from Oklahoma.

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