Colts December 18-20 Rehearsal Details

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The first rehearsal of the 2010 Colts will be held in Dubuque, Iowa at a site to be determined soon. Keep posted to our website for additional information. The cost for this first rehearsal is $125 (or $75 for returning members) and covers your meals, overnight accommodations, instruction, instrument, and your membership materials.

Always check within a few hours of leaving for any updates!

Rehearsal begins at 9:00 pm Friday, December 18 and will conclude at 3 pm on Sunday. Please arrive early to move in equipment. Check in will begin at 7:15 pm.

A new parent meeting will be held Friday evening at 10:00 pm at the school. Bring all of your questions! We know you have plenty of them. You should!

Parents are not required to attend the meeting or the weekend, but are strongly encouraged to do so. Parental support is what makes the Colts successful, and your help is needed to give the kids the incredible Colts experience we are known for. Also, this is the best way for you to find out all about our program, meet the other parents and get comfortable with what this is all about. You will find a very welcoming and exciting opportunity here.

Parents are welcome to stay in the school in sleeping bags like the members. If parents are interested in hotel accommodations, visit the links page of for a link to the Dubuque Chamber of Commerce for information regarding local hotels. As always, call us with any questions you may have.

Parents are encouraged to sign onto the email mailing list at to receive all Colts information via e-mail.

Application and RSVP
Please RSVP at, regardless of your plans, so we can keep up to date with you. Please also submit an application online if you have not already done so. Submitting an application now will save you a great deal of time when you check in.

What To Bring
You will stay overnight in the school gymnasium, as you will do all summer. Bring changes of clothes, shower supplies, towel, sleeping bag and pillow, comfortable clothes for rehearsal, and tennis shoes (no high tops, please).

Brass: Please bring your own mouthpiece and a marching instrument if you are able to do so. If you are more comfortable auditioning on your regular band instrument, feel free to bring it as well. Be prepared to play 30 seconds-2 minutes of a selection of your choice on the instrument of your choice. Brass Exercises you will need are available at

Color Guard: Bring black, light-weight, work-out clothing for rehearsals, black pants and a black shirt for Sunday’s performance, your own rifle and/or saber (if you have them), and knee pads (if you like). Do not wear jeans, and there is no need to purchase any special equipment for rehearsals.

Percussion: Please bring your own sticks or mallets and your practice pad. Percussion Exercises you will need are available on Be prepared to play 30 seconds-2 minutes of a selection of your choice on the instrument of your choice.

Membership Contracts
All positions in the corps are open at this time. Following this rehearsal, you will receive 1) an offer of membership, 2) a recall for a second and final audition, or 3) a suggestion that you try again next year. Plan to attend two rehearsals, so both you and we can be sure of our commitment to each other. Once you receive a contract, you may begin making payments on your fees immediately.

Schedule Conflicts – RSVP!
If you cannot attend this rehearsal, you must be in touch in advance WITH THE OFFICE through the RSVP form. It is a good idea to communicate with your instructor as well, but it is essential for you to let the office know your plans via the RSVP.

If you have schedule conflicts with our pre-season rehearsals, talk with us. We can usually work it out with you. Attending part of the weekend is better than not attending at all. Do not lose your opportunity to perform with the Colts over a lack of communication.

Sunday Afternoon Performance
A performance including all participants of the weekend is held Sunday afternoon at 1:00 pm at the school of the rehearsal location. You will be amazed at the progress we make in just one short weekend.

E-Mail and
All communication after your initial mailing will be via the internet. Make sure you have signed onto the Email Distribution List with your current e-mail, and check your e-mail frequently! (If you did not get notice of this posting via email, you are likely not signed onto our e-list). If you don’t have consistent internet access, you must request to receive paper mailings. You may request snail mail on the RSVP or by calling the office at 563-582-4872.

Always check the web-site before leaving for camp. Encourage your parents to sign up for the membership e-mailings too.

Welcome! We are excited to have you as a member of the Colts family!

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