Dagenham Crusaders Announce 2010 Program

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The new programme of the Dagenham Crusaders will be based around ‘Back to the Future’. It will however not be related to the film or its music score. The idea is that the Dagenham Crusaders will be starting the programme from back in the day, bringing it right through to 2010 and to up-to-date drum corps.

"Will it be jazz or contemporary? I suspect a bit of both", commented Dexter Roberts of the Dagenham Crusaders. "Jazz is extremely difficult to do really well so we have to be clever about how we use it, but whatever it is it will be fun to do and entertaining to listen to which is our main aim." The first minute and a half of the opener has been written and is ready to go. It is ‘Happy Days’ which the Blue Devils did in the late 80s.

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