New Canadian Alumni Performance Ensemble Starting In Ontario

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A new Canadian alumni corps called ONcorps has started and consists of members from MANY of the current Alumni Corps in Ontario.
The group also includes others who would like to participate in an ensemble but don’t have the time (or in some cases desire) to commit to a "full time" Alumni Corps.

ONcorps is having their first ever rehearsal on January 17th, 2010, in Kitchener at the NorthStar Studio (home to Dutch Boy) and would like to invite anyone who is alumni of an Ontario Corps at any time of their lives (Junior AND Senior)

To date, the following corps are represented:
London Midlanders, Scarborough Firefighters, Opti-Cadets, Cardinals of Precious Blood, Etobicoke Crusaders, Flying Dutchmen, Northstar, Dutchboy, Brantford St Johns, Seneca Princemen, Seneca Optimists, Bluewater Buccaneeers, York Lions, Guelph Royalaires, Burlington Commanders, Simcoe United Alumni, Toronto Optimists, DeLaSalle Oaklands, Oakland Crusaders, LaSalle Cadets and Preston Scout House just to name a few. And the list is growing!

Time commitments are minimal. ONcorps wants this to be a fun activity. Whenever there is a show that many of the members are already either performing with their Alumni units, or attending as spectators, in numbers large enough to warrant a performance, ONcorps would approach show organizers about the opportunity to do a "finale" style exhibition performance of a tune or three.  Another option would be to play in the parking lot at sometime before or after the show. All performances will be organized by emails as to who is/is not available. The key is to keep it fun and entertaining.

ONcorps’ first selection they are working on is Malaguena, based on Stan Kenton’s version, and can be heard in MIDI format  at the corps site:

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