New York Skyliners Alumni Announce 2010 Program

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The New York Skyliners Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps, following elections held in October, would like to announce some staff changes for the 2010 season. After 6 years at the helm, Ray Priester made the decision not to seek a fourth term, opening the doors for a leadership change. The corps thanked Ray (who has been associated with this organization since 1967) for his timeless energy and devotion to both this corps, the NY Skyliners organization, and this activity we call drum and bugle corps, and presented him a plaque with a facsimile of the 1962 “Portrait in Brass” album cover. Also thanked and honored was Bill Moore, who ended his 6 year tenure as brass caption head/instructor due to a very busy “retirement” work schedule. In addition to his instruction/arrangement duties, Bill is also a super baritone known for his work with many a northeast corps. He too was presented with a plaque for his years of service.

Taking over the director reins is Rich Evans, corps business manager. Rich has been with the corps since 2001 and marched with the CW Townsmen and Garfield Cadets “back in the day”. For the foreseeable future, Rich will continue in a dual role, retaining his business manager position. The remainder of the Admin Team is as follows:

Assistant Directors – Jim Stanko and Charles Vayda
Secretary – Evelyn Krejci
Treasurer – Bob Gironda
Staff/Show Coordinator – Carl Ruocco
Business Manager – Rich Evans
Public Relations – Charlie Vayda
Quartermaster – Ray Priester
Board of Trustees – Greg Cinzio, Mike Collins, Matt Dennison, Evelyn Krejci, Frank Rogers

The Music Program for the 2010 season incorporates selections from the inspiring 2009 SKY Alumni Mini Corps, adding a number from the Skyliners field/alumni corps past, while retaining a portion of the 2009 program. The 2010 show will feature:

· The 1970 Fanfare
· “Gee, Officer Krupke”, the 1974 OTL, from Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story, arranged by Hy Drietzer
· “Big Noise from Winnetka”, a 1938 jazz composition by Bob Haggart performed in such films as “Let’s Make Music” (1941) and “Reveille with Beverly” (1943). This tune was performed by the Skyliners in 1981/1982 and by the Alumni corps in 2001/2002/2003.
· “Misirlou”, retained from last year’s show, is a 1927 Greek tune first performed by Michalis Patrinos in Athens (actual composer unknown) and the Skyliners in 1964/1967, following the release of the Beach Boys rendition in 1963.
· Drum Solo (still under consideration)
· Exit medley of “Slaughter on 10th Ave” / “Little Old New York” from the 1971 show into the memorable
· “Every Streets a Boulevard” SKY signature, from the 1953 musical “Hazel Flag”, and of course, the standard SKY encore.
· “Elk’s Parade” – the 1940 Bobby Sherwood hit

The Creative Team which will bring this program to life for 2010 are:


Joe “JD” Jacobs, (NJDCHoF) caption head / instructor, reprising his role from the early years, assisted by
Bob Farrell (NJDCHoF) and John “Grass”Urspruch (Bugler’s HoF)
Arrangements are by the late “Hy” Dreitzer and Bill Moore (NJDCHoF)


Wes Myers, (WDCHoF/NJDCHoF) caption head / instructor, assisted by
Bob “Jomba” O’Connor (WDCHoF/NJDCHoF), and the dynamic duo of
Jack Murray / Joe Fontana

Color Guard

Janis Quinn, designer / instructor


Frank Rogers, designer / instructor, assisted by
Brad Coleman

The Corps will be lead onto the field (or stage as the case may be) by:

Drum Majors

Brad Coleman and Joe Jacobs, assisted by
Bob “Jomba” O’Connor and Ken Sealy

The newest addition to the Skyliner family and an outgrowth of the alumni corps, is the Alumni Mini Corps, which performed for the first time at DCA’s I&E in Rochester this past Labor Day weekend, placing sixth. Attempting to build on its inaugural season and to continue to perfect the “mezzo-forte” technique, the music selections for the 2010 season are solidifying nicely. While the program isn’t quite complete, numbers currently being rehearsed are:

· “New York State of Mind”, from the 1992 season, written by Billy Joel, arranged by Danny Lutz
· “Harlem Nocturne”, also from the 1992 season, a jazz standard written by Earle Hagen and Dick Rogers in 1939, arranged by Danny Lutz
· “Come In From The Rain”, retained from last year and performed by the 1982 corps, a tune written by Melissa Manchester, arranged by “Hy” Dreitzer
· “New York, New York”, from the 1978 season and the 1977 Martin Scorsese film of the same name, written by John Kander, arranged by Bob “The Phantom” Pearson

The Mini Corps is under the able direction of long time SKY alumnus Mike Collins.
The Brass Instructor is Joe “JD” Jacobs, assisted by Bob Farrell, Rich Evans, and GregCinzio.
The Percussion section features the duet phenomenons – Jack Murray and Joe Fontana.
The Drum Major is Brad Coleman.

You can look for the Mini Corps once again this year, at the DCA’s I&E in Rochester. The corps is also considering the possibility of performing at some of the Bugler HoF I&E’s in Feb/Mar 2010.

The Skyliners Alumni corps will be celebrating its 17th season and has openings in all sections. The corps is based in Garfield, NJ and is sponsored by and affiliated with AL Post 1523 Staten Island NY and VFW Post 2867 Garfield NJ. The corps continues its mission of providing an outlet for those wishing to be a part of traditional drum and bugle corps by performing in a variety of parades and exhibitions while maintaining a twice a month rehearsal schedule. Perspective brass / percussion / keyboard players are invited to attend any of our rehearsals and are more than welcomed to “sit in”. Visitors are also encouraged as the door is always open. For this upcoming year, the corps is aggressively pursuing a full color guard. Anyone with any experience and/or interest in “old school” color guard is encouraged to stop by one of our rehearsals. We look forward to meeting you and for you to become a part of our fine tradition and legacy.

For more information, complete rehearsal/performance schedule, corps history, pictures and audio/video of the corps, please visit our website at: or visit us in person at the BENDA-ROEHRICH VFW POST 2867, 340 Outwater Lane, Garfield NJ, 07026; phone (973) 546-9790.

For additional information, inquiries, bookings, etc, feel free to contact:

Rich Evans (Alumni Corps Director) : director [at] skyalumni [dot] org
Janis Quinn (Color Guard Coordinator) : st8smenguard [at] msn [dot] com
Mike Collins (Mini Corps Director) : mqcollins1944 [at] yahoo [dot] com

At this time and during the holiday season, the administration and members of the Skyliners Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps would like to wish everyone a very, Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year in drum corps.

Look for the Skyliners to be performing somewhere near you in 2010.

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