Sounds Of Philadelphia Announces 2010 Program

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The writing staff is hard at work crafting the inaugural production for the Sounds of Philadelphia All-Age Drum and Bugle Corps. We could not be any more excited to announce that our show this year will be titled “Another Star In The Sky.”

Many different creative directions were considered for our initial production and it was decided that the goal is to provide our membership and audience with a thrilling and modern drum corps experience, presenting music and visual ideas that would be emotional, thoughtful, and universally accessible.

This production will utilize both classical and modern pieces to depict the colors, textures, and objects found in the heavens at night, progressing from sunset to sunrise.

Our program begins with the ethereal and delicate “Canon in D” by Johan Pachelbel. This movement will depict the stunning color, beauty, and drama of sunset on Earth.

Naturally as the sun sets, the stars come out with John Adams’ “Harmonium – Wild Nights” Watch as our visual ensemble embodies the flashy brilliance of these violent and beautiful celestial phenomena.

We continue our focus on the stars as they organize into constellations with David Arkenstone’s “Another Star In the Sky” The audience will delight as constellations such as Orion and The Big Dipper are brought to life by the performers.

Finally the night sky comes to a thrilling and colorful conclusion as the sun rises once again, depicted through David Arkenstone’s “Ride Into Midnight” followed by a show-stopping reprise of “Canon in D.”

The corps currently has openings in all sections and we are confident that this is a production that any drum corps enthusiast would be extremely excited to perform or watch. For more information on how you can march this program for under $200.00, please check our website for more information at

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