2010 Atlanta CorpsVets January Camp Report

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After severe weather caused the cancellation of our first January rehearsal, the CorpsVets were finally able to have our first rehearsal of 2010. The horn line met at East Coweta Middle School and was presented with music for five minutes of this season’s show, 360. We spent a productive day working music. The evening session was capped off with a "light" workout by visual instructor Chris Freeman.

Then it was time for making CorpsVets history as the members were able to take advantage of housing at the rehearsal facility. Sunday dawned gray and cloudy with more than a few moans and thoughts of a quick demise for Chris as payment for Saturday’s workout. But after a warm shower and some breakfast it was back to work. The members were treated with visual rehearsal in the morning and in the afternoon more music with Alan Armstrong and Freddy Martin. The brass rehearsal worked fundamentals and the ballad which has goose bumps written all over it. As rehearsal ended, the threatening weather appeared; it is not a CorpsVets rehearsal unless you have to load the truck in the rain!

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