Cadets Looking For A “Weathered” Assistant Tour Director

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Justin Heimbecker, or “Rudy” to most of us, is the Assistant Director of The Cadets. He does a great job; truly, a great job, and he has a team of “twenty-something’s” who work long and hard to get The Cadets through 30-days of Spring Training and a 60-day tour.

That said, it has become clear that the team would do well to have on board an experienced team member. Ideally, The Cadets are seeking a band director with 10 or more year’s experience who

* Can stay on tour for the entire summer beginning at the earliest in May 15th and as late as June 15th. Tour runs through Aug. 15th!
* Would be happy for remuneration of a few thousand dollars
* Has the ability to support staff and volunteers at challenging times
* Willing to drive to the airport, the grocery store, to the stadium, etc.
* Can drive a 24-foot truck from time to time
* Is organized and follows through on tasks
* Can manage the “team” when Rudy is off site

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