Phantom Regiment Thanks Chase Community Giving Voters

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As the Chase Community Giving campaign comes to a close, we’d like to give thanks to the drum corps community, for uniting in support of the efforts of Carolina Crown, the Cavaliers, the Colts and Phantom Regiment. Though it doesn’t look like a drum corps will break into the top 6 prize-winning charities, the efforts by fans around the world to get out the vote have made it clear: support for drum corps runs deep.

The contest was a simple one. Vote for the charities of your choice, with the top 100 vote-getters receiving $25,000 and a shot at more. In these tough economic times, that’s not pocket change to any charity, especially not for a drum corps. In our activity, $25,000 is good for replacing an aging souvenir trailer with a new one, covering the fuel costs for almost half a season, or buying many meals for the cook truck. For one drum corps to receive a donation of that size would be impressive. For four corps to make the cut is simply outstanding.

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