Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall Of Fame Announces 2010 Inductees

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After the diligent work of our Certification and Selection Committees, we are proud to announce the names of those who have been chosen to be our latest Inductees into our Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame.

In the Associate Membership Level:

George Headley – Crossmen
Patrick J. Hollins – Reilly Raiders
Heather E. Kulp – Buccaneers Alumni
Jay Landis – Reading Buccaneers, Buccaneers Alumni
Gerald Miklos – Pittsburgh Rockets
Frank J. Rossi, Jr. – Steel City Ambassadors

In the Full Membership Level:

Advancing from the Associate Level to the Full Members Level – James Fawber

Karen Bedhmer – Reilly Raiders
Ron Bunty – Hanover Lancers
Joseph Cicippio – Reilly Raiders
John L. Gilliland, Jr. – General Butler Vagabonds, Steel City Ambassadors
Brian Leppo – Hanover Lancers
Cheryl McDermott – Bracken Cavaliers, Crossmen, Reilly Raiders
Kevin McDermott – Archer-Epler Musketeers, Reilly Raiders
Diane McDevitt -Reilly Raiders
Dan Wildonger – Reading Buccaneers

In the Life Time Members Level:

Advancing From the Full Member Level to the Life Time Level – Tom Ashby, Tom Matzcak and Betty Mellon

Jim Altland – Hanover Lancers (Posthumous Award)
Robert Adair – Osmond Cadets, Liberty Bell, Bracken Cavaliers, Rough Riders, Reilly Raiders
Eddy Baker – Hanover Lancers
Stephen Cooley – Erie Thunderbirds, Steel City Ambassadors
Howard DeHaven – Reilly Raiders
Raymond Dolce – Archer-Epler Musketeers
John Dowlan – Osmond Cadets, Reilly Raiders
Ray Eyler – Archer-Epler Musketeers
James Gruber – Reading Buccaneers
Walter Hagen (Hundershagen) – Reilly Raiders
Rick Johnson – Hanover Lancers
Bill Kaufmann – Liberty Bell, Archer-Epler Musketeers, Bracken Cavaliers, Crossmen, Reilly Raiders
Vern Keeler – Emmaus Sentinels, Hanover Lancers
Ron Klunk – Hanover Lancers
Randall Kratofil – Westmoreland Esquires
William Lawler – Archer-Epler Musketeers, Media Fawns
Dennis Marta – Vasella Musketeers, Reading Buccaneers
William McCartney – Vern Acklin Cavaliers, Pittsburgh Rockets, Steel City Ambassadors
Joseph McCloskey – Liberty Bell, Reilly Raiders
James McDermott – Vasella Musketeers, Reilly Raiders
Dan McGrogan – Steel City Ambassadors, Pittsburgh Golden Lancers, Reading Buccaneers
Al Morelock – Hanover Lancers
Ken Myers – Hanover Lancers
Gary Post – Schuylkill Haven Belederes, Buccaneers Alumni (Posthumous Award)
Allen Powell – Hershey Chocolatiers, Reilly Raiders
Charley Rupp – Hanover Lancers
James Russo – Wind Gap Blue Eagles
Kenneth Sherry – Reading Buccaneers
Bill Stork – Johnsonburg Diplomats/Grey Knights
Lou Tierno – Archer-Epler Musketeers, Reading Buccaneers
John Tully – Rising Sun, Liberty Bell, Archer-Epler Musketeers, Lincoln Invaders
Dave Wales – Hanover Lancers
Jerry Ware – Archer-Epler Musketeers, Reading Buccaneers
Michael Williams – Archer-Epler Musketeers
Jack Wells – Hunter Liggett, Hagg Post AL, Reading Buccaneers
I. Ralph Winberg – Archer-Epler Musketeers
Denny Wright – Hanover Lancers

In the Honorary Membership Level:

Vince Bruni (Posthumous Award)
Moe Knox
Henry "Lefty" Mayer (Posthumous Award)
Albert "Doc" Sabastianelli (Posthumous Award)
Steve Vickers

For Meritorious Service:

From the East:

William "Rip" Bernert
William Reamer (Posthumous Award)

From Central:

Bob Zarfoss

From the West:

Ed Cagney
Lloyd Simpson (Posthumous Award)

Our Induction Breakfast/Ceremony will take place in the Grand Ballroom of the Crown Plaza on North 2nd Street in Harrisburg, Pa., Sunday April 11, 2010 the morning after the Serenade In Brass. All are invited to attend Our Induction Breakfast/Ceremony to welcome our newest members into the Hall of Fame. If you wish to make reservations to attend our Breakfast please call Gary Matzcak at his office at 1-814-836-8500 or you can email him with your information at gary [at] gjmaia [dot] com.

Here’s hoping to see you at the Breakfast.

In the Spirit of Drum Corps,

Michael Siglow,
Pennsylvania Drum Corps Hall of Fame

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