Vanguard Plants Its Flag On Great Music For 2010

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This article is the first of a multi-part series exploring the creative development of the Vanguard’s 2010 show, BARTÓK. In this issue, we hear from Key Poulan who is arranging the selected music for brass. In later issues, we’ll hear about arranging for percussion, writing the drill and guard composition, and bringing it all together as a unified program for fans to enjoy on the field.

Selecting Music for Vanguard’s 2010 Production
Where do we go after a show with the universal and emotional appeal of Ballet for Martha? That was the question in mind as the creative staff of the Santa Clara Vanguard debated and ruminated on the composer and music for the 2010 show. What was clear was that this group wanted to go somewhere different. Ideas were proposed but tempered by the need to give each section of the corps the opportunity to work on the cutting edge. Some pieces seemed so perfect for the brass and battery, but left out the front ensemble.

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