Velvet Knights Trailer Campaign

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As the Velvet Knights gear up to take off on their 2010 tour, on the way to DCI World Championships in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are looking for your help and support to make this happen.

Since our fielding of the corps in 2007, we have traveled over 20,000 miles across the US, proudly making semi finals in 2008, and finals in 2009.

WE NEED YOUR help. Our small equipment trailer just cannot handle one more summer. It has gone back and forth to Indianapolis twice, traveled to Dayton Ohio for the WGI World Championships twice. It has traveled up the Pacific Northwest Coast once, and all over California. We have the perfect opportunity to purchase a trailer that fits our needs. One that is already outfitted for a drum and bugle corps. The price is $11,000.00, and we need to act fast to secure it, before it is sold to someone else. We have inspected the trailer this past weekend, and it is in beautiful condition…………just needs our name on the sides!

All contributions are tax deductible, as we a 501c3 Non Profit Corporation. Our EIN number is 30-0333818.

Click HERE to download our flyer, and donation forms. For everyone that donates $250.00 or more, you will not only be helping the corps, but you will have a 12 x 12" space on the trailer, where you can personalize a message, such as your name, your family’s name, or even dedicate this to a member of your family that has passed away.

Please help our campaign to kick off the Velvet Knights Drum & Bugle Corps 2010 Tour.

Thank you

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