Crossmen Food Truck Improvement Project

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The Crossmen food trailer is a small commercial kitchen on wheels that has served the corps since 1998. With volunteer help in Houston, the trailer is currently undergoing essential repairs to the floor, wiring, and plumbing for the 2010 season.

Besides the essential repairs, there are a few pieces of equipment that would make a huge difference in the operations of the food service, but the corps does not have the budget for these improvements. For example:

* It takes over 90 minutes to heat water and cook pasta for the corps because of the small, old stove burners
* The volunteers often run out of hot water for washing dishes, and the current heater guzzles propane
* An 8 foot section of countertop and stove workspace is based on an old laminate countertop just 25 inches off the ground – almost unusable for most food preparation purposes

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