2010 Cascades April Camp Report

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As the west side suffered through buckets of rain, the Yakima Valley was clear and sunny. Now we’re not going to say it was warm exactly, but the weather was nice enough to get outside and learn the majority of the drill to our second production. This weekend we saw some talented new brass members from Cascade High School who eagerly jumped in and step up to the challege, it was nice to see that recruiting is still affective as we work toward a 20% increase in membership for 2010.

A huge group of volunteers attended this camp as we kicked-off the uniform fittings. The team worked amazingly well as though they had done it for years together. All members were fitted, labeled and ready for the next steps. It was also determined that both of the May camps we would devote to flag sewing and be able to knock them out quite easily. If you are interested in helping out, please contact Sheryl Koch.

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