Pioneer 2010 Membership Goals

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As it gets closer to the season where we all learn the drill to the music, we are at a crossroads. We had a goal of putting 120 members on the field this year, and we are approaching the time where we have to make a commitment to the drill writer. We are very close to that goal, but to stick our necks out and get the people to fill these remaining spots is very tricky business. If we get them, we will the biggest Pioneer corps since the late nineties when the corps was a DCI Division II Champion and a semi finalist in Division 1. If we don’t get them, we will have to make some decisions as to how much we shorten the numbers by. Otherwise we will spend the whole summer marching holes, and eventually have to close them in anyway. We are approximately 5 brass players away for my original goal of 56. Most of those spots are low brass spots, baritone and tuba, and possibly a mellophone. We also were planning on 30 color guard members, which we haven’t achieved as of this posting.

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