Stanbury And Beatrix Become Strategic Partners

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The Beatrix Association is proud to announce that Beatrix’ Drum & Bugle Corps has formed a strategic partnership with one of the world’s most renowned uniform manufacturers: Stanbury Uniforms.

For more than 90 years, no brand has cultivated a deeper heritage for creating superior uniform innovation than Stanbury. That same passion still drives the brand to unite advanced technology, enhanced comfort and unparalleled styling in music apparel designed to enhance a group’s performance. Stanbury prides itself on giving the same attention to all customers, big and small, competitive or not. Stanbury has regional consultants, strategically placed throughout the country to help guide groups though the process every step of the way.

Stanbury and Beatrix’ are both very excited that Beatrix’ is the first European corps to march in a Stanbury Uniform. “We have had this dream for years. After the tremendous effort made by the management, board, members, staff and volunteers we have finally been able to make it come true.” Says PR manager and board member Jeroen ten Brinke. Both parties hope that many European corps will follow Beatrix’ example.

Stanbury has 35 different orders being manufactured simultaneously. The company has 140 factory floor workers. A Stanbury uniform will pass through nearly 100 people before it is finished.

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“We at Stanbury are very excited to have Beatrix’ join our family of great drum and bugle corps wearing Stanbury Uniforms. For many, many years Beatrix’ has set the standard for drum corps in Europe. This bold, new look – created in collaboration with Stanbury artist Brent Becker and the Beatrix’ design team – will turn a lot of heads. It’s clear why Beatrix’ was crowned the International Class Champions at the 2008 Drum Corps International World Championships: they look for quality in all they do!" Says Patrick Seidling, Stanbury Uniforms.

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Thanks go out to the Beatrix Action Committee, for organizing fund-raising activities that helped finance this investment. We also wish to thank Tom Stam from Stam Chocolate (, honorary member of Beatrix, for arranging the logistics to get the uniform in the Netherlands.

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