System Blue Presents CHOPS 2010

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"CHOPS" National Percussive Arts Competition, a series of drumline contests, will launch its premiere event Saturday June 5th 2010 in Santa Clarita, California thanks to the generosity of its sponsorship team and the cooperation between The Concord Blue Devils’ "System Blue" and the creative arts and entertainment firm, Aerial Experience Productions. The Blue Devils have not only been an award winning drum corps, but a leading influence in musical education. Their "system of excellence", better known as "System Blue", delivers quality products, live educational events and published materials to help develop the highest worldwide standards for band directors, teachers, staff, designers, performers and marching members. AEP, since its inception, has been a leading influence in the integration of physical, visual and musical arts in to large scale, multi-dimensional presentations. Serving a wide ranging clientele from major PR firms and corporate enterprise to the television and film industry, Aerial Experience Productions is proud to partner with System Blue to offer this exciting opportunity for drummers across the country to display their talents, passion, individuality and creativity.

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