White Or Blue?

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After 5 years of marching with black Pearl drums, this season Beatrix’ decided to do things a little bit different. The black colour of the drums has disappeared and made room for a new fresh colour that perfectly matches the new Stanbury uniforms.

Inside Beatrix’ it was well known that in season 2010 we would be marching in new uniforms, and the search for a new look of the drums started immediately. Keeping the drums black would be a complete mismatch, so the question was: what colour does fit the new Stanbury uniforms? A colour opposite to the one of the uniform, or a colour that’s also incorporated in the uniform design? What colour matches best with the Wicked theme, should it be shiny or even have a pattern in it? After a long time of considering all the possibilities together with the uniform designer Brent Beckers, who is also the Stanbury house designer, we decided to go for the colour white.

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