Beatrix Brass At Ice Skating Club

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The long winter was great for the ice skating club. The ice rink was now a bright green field of grass.

The temperature was above the water melting point, even though it wasn’t far. The barbeque went on despite the cold weather and Beatrix Brass gave a fun performance.

The ice club, like Beatrix’, can’t function without a great support team. De barbeque was organised for these volunteers, to thank them for their hard work during the year. This club had well over 11.000 visitors who came ice-skating. Beatrix Brass brought their musical support to this well organised event. After playing for half an hour the musicians were invited to join the barbeque, after which they played for another 45 minutes. The atmosphere was great and relaxed; a fine closer for the preseason because; this was the last gig before the summer vacation.

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