Beatrix Open Dutch Champions In Assen

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Last Saturday was a busy day for Beatrix’. The corps rehearsed, performed the best show until now and had a fantastic day.

It was time for CBSD in Assen, where the program seems to come together every season. Also this year it was day not to be forgotten; a day during which Beatrix’ became Open Dutch Champion. It was an early start for the members. At 8:00 the corps was present at Sherpa for a last minute rehearsal. Different parts of the show, mainly those where the new props are used, were repeated. During the run-through members became more confident and were ready for a good show in Assen. The trucks were loaded and the Streef busses arrived around 11:30 to bring the Corps to Assen. Upon arrival everybody helped to unload the truck and to assemble the props. The staff soon came to the conclusion that there was too much wind from the far North? While the members were getting ready for their warm-up, a solution was found.

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