A Journey Of 2600 Miles

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After a journey of 2600 miles, over 80 hours on the road, multiple tornado warnings and 1 broken equipment truck, the Sun Devils have returned from Jamestown, New York with the highest score in corps history. After besting their ending score from the 2009 season by over 4 points at their first judged contest of this season, the corps will spend the next weekend cleaning and making changes to the show before returning to the competition field in Woodstock, Georgia on August 7th.

While the weekend was an overall success and had members and staff hungry to hit the rehearsal field, the corps did suffer a serious setback that could impact its ability to get to the remaining shows on the schedule. Somewhere in West Virginia, the Sun Devils venerable equipment truck, affectionately known as “Old Yeller”, suffered serious engine trouble and had to be abandoned and rental vehicles obtained in order to get the equipment home. The corps is eternally grateful to our intrepid truck driving crew of executive director John Hoekstra and corps photographer Mark Scott, who endured a marathon weekend with little sleep and a downpour while transferring the equipment from one truck to the other.

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