Beatrix Announces 2012 USA Tour

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During a member meeting this spring, on Saturday April 24th, the members of Vereniging Beatrix Korpsen gave their ok to the board to investigate if a 2012 USA Tour is possible. This has been officially announced yesterday during Family Day. This 8th edition of a USA Tour is in line with our strategy to visit the Mekka of our great hobby every four years.

Why do we make this announcement already in the summer of 2010. First of all, the organization of a trip with 150 people to the other side of the world is very time-consuming. But most of all we want to give potential new members the opportunity to have their rookie year in 2011 in preparation of the 2012 USA Tour. We have learned that members, that already have some experience can enjoy such a trip more intensely.

The fundamentals of the 2012 edition will be similar to the 2008 tour. Members, who have their rookie year in 2012 (excluding members from Jong Beatrix) will have to pay an extra 25% on their tour fee. We will try to keep this 2012 tour fee the same as 2008. We will have information on this before we make the final decision. If a member decides to march 2013, this 25% will be repaid to the member. Also, members that start marching in 2011 will not have to pay this 25% extra.

The organization of this tour is this edition in the hands of Jeroen ten Brinke, Erwin Kreuning and Harald Bartelds. Of course, the knowledge of the past 7 editions of touring will be used through our ex-tourdirector, Jaap van Waveren. Coming DCI finals week in Indianapolis we already have several appointments planed to renew our contacts and let DCI know about our plans. When there are questions about this 8th edition of the Beatrix USA Tour, please contact us through tour2012 [at] beatrix [dot] org

Are you thinking about joining us to defend our title during our 2012 Tour, visit our Beatrix Midzomer Open Rehearsal on july 17th

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