In The News: Season Of Competition

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Ah July … the dog days of summer are here. Some days it’s too hot to move.

And yet, plenty of people are doing just that, all across the country. Out in the hot sun, all day long, practicing, rehearsing, and moving, sometimes very, very fast! What am I talking about? Drum Corps.

What is drum corps? It is almost indescribable to the uninitiated. From the marching fife and drum corps of the American Revolution, it has evolved into a competitive audio/visual performance like no other. Primarily a youth activity, the modern drum and bugle corps were often run by local VFW and American Legion groups as a sort of keep-the-kids-off-the-street-and-instill-some-military-discipline type of club. They then showed off their marching precision skills in local parades, which inevitably led to some friendly competition.

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