2010 Mandarins Virtual Tour

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Robin Cole, the Mandarins’ Housing Coordinator and parent of 2010 brass ageout Jared Cole will be providing occasional news and photos from the DCI Tour. Robin meets up with the corps in Dallas, and you can read her latest updates below, with the most recent items posted first. Due to wi-fi unavailability during some parts of Tour, the Virtual Tour completed late Sunday, August 15th.

Indianapolis, Indiana and Back to California
The final runthrough on Tuesday went rough, starting with a kid down and then several falling on the field. It was very hot and humid and people had given their all in the rehearsal. Several horns were smashed. One was so bad the Horn Doctor offered to fix it for free if he could use it for an advertisement. He could not fix it. Luckily no kids were hurt badly. The corps held a private age-out ceremony and played “Year of the Dragon” for the group whose last year this is.

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