DCP Presents Live Coverage from DCA Championships

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dca_100x100(1).jpgDrum Corps Associates (DCA) and Drum Corps Planet (DCP) are once-again partnering to provide complete online coverage of the 2010 DCA World Championships, which will be held over Labor Day weekend in Rochester, NY.  The live blog coverage begins with the DCA Prelims competition on Saturday, September 4th at 2pm, continues with the Alumni Spectacular program on the morning of Sunday, September 5th, and concludes with the DCA Championship competition on Sunday evening starting at 5:00pm.

As in past years, DCP will be providing live interactive commentary from Rhinos Stadium, site of the competition ? featuring DCP Managing News Editor Kevin Gamin and a number of guest commentators, as well as photos from the field.   Resource availability and licensing issues will mean that video clips will not be available as part of this year?s coverage ? but is something we?re both working on with new DCA video producer Box 5 Productions for future Championships coverage.

DCA President Gil Silva said, ?DCP has provided wonderful online services to the drum corps activity and DCA in particular.  We appreciate the work done by John Donovan and his staff and are pleased to cooperate fully in providing quality coverage of our 46th World Championship Competitions.  Exciting things are happening online and DCA, working with organizations like Drum Corps Planet and Box 5 Productions, is anxious to bring the latest in technical capabilities to our fans.  This is a work in progress.  You can look forward to new and creative additions to the DCA Championship in 2011.?

John Donovan, Managing Partner of DCP Partners said, ?We?re once again excited to work with DCA to bring the excitement of DCA Championships to the entire drum corps audience.   If you can attend in-person, the weekend is not to be missed.  However, if you?re not able to ? be sure to watch the DCP forums for updates and our complete coverage from Rochester.?

More information about the 2010 DCA Championships may be found at http://www.dcacorps.org or email info [at] dcacorps [dot] org.  The DCP Forums are located on the web at http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums.

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